CARINTHIA is cooperating with the South Tyrolean Hans Kammerlander for parts of the “Second Seven Summits” project. The extreme mountain climber is planning to climb the second highest mountains on each of seven continents. The partnership between Kammerland and the sleeping bag manufacturers from Austria is limited to the peaks in Alaska and Russia. Here the down specialist CARINTHIA will support the mountaineer and skier with sleeping bags. In return Kammerlander will provide information for the Development Department of the Austria company.

The group made up of owners of CARINTHIA sleeping bags has just grown in prominence. Top mountain climber Hans Kammerlander has been using a sleeping bag from the Austrian down specialists since May 2010. For parts of his plan to climb the each second highest mountain on all seven continents Kammerlander asked sleeping bag manufacturer CARINTHIA for material support. Why? Because the quality of the sleeping bags from Carinthia has been praised literally “to the highest mountain” among alpinists and mountain climbers. “I have spoken a lot with fellow mountain climbers and colleagues. There experiences with CARINTHIA were consistently very, very good. The speaks without doubt for the product and that is why I am particulary happy that my request was given this support”, says the mountaineer and skier about the agreement.   

K2 (Asia, 8614M), Mount Kenya(Africa, 5199) and Ojos del Salado (6893m), the second highest mountain in South America, have already been conquered. Since the 10th May the South Tyrolean mountain climber has once again (failed attempt in 2009) begun attempting to conquer the 5959 meter high Mount Logan in Canada. Besides his climbing equipment sleeping bags from CARINTHIA can be found amongst his gear. For Carinthia the cooperation is not reaching a new peak in the literal sense. Miguel Ferreira, responsible for marketing in the traditional Austrian business, calls it a “preliminary” peak for the family business. “If alpinists of his calibre come to us, it is a true accolade for our products. The way to the “Second Seven Summits” takes not only Hans Kammerlander higher, but us as well,” says Ferreira enthusiastically. Due to the tough demands on the material which Kammerlander’s project entails, CARINTHIA has provided him with the model EEC Expedition Line and the  Explorer Top. You can find further details to the product on the next page.